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 Post subject: Designer Cartier Jewellery gold or silver
PostPosted: 16.12.2010 07:46 

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Nearly all people cartier love necklace price have some gold or silver Cartier Jewellery. But some people like gold jewelry more and others prefer silver. Why? Women often say that "gold Cartier Jewellery doesn't pass" them or that on the contrary, they don't like silver. The reasons for such preferences can be numerous. Often fashion, good looks and price are important. But not always these are the only reasons. In this article we will tell you about all advantages of gold or silver Cartier Jewellery.

Gold is one of the most known metals all over the world. Of course, it is a precious metal and we know that it is expensive. But the gold is also one of the most ancient metals in the world: it was known since Neolithic age. There is even a version, that gold was the first metal known by people. Nowadays gold is a symbol of wealth, high social status and nobility of its owner. Gold was an important value during all human history. It was used as international currency and was always thought more reliable than cash, because gold is eternal value. Earlier people associated gold with sun, maybe because the shining of gold reminded them of the sun. Gold Cartier Jewellery is thought to add confidence and self-assurance. At the same time gold Cartier Jewellery worn on the chest: chains, necklaces, pendants are thought to have calming effect. Gold ring are great for purposeful people: businessmen, sportsmen, etc. They help them to overcome difficulties and reach their goals. Golden earrings are ideal for women. They help them to feel their feminine power and become more self-confident cartier mens necklaces.

Gold is also often used in designer Cartier Jewellery with precious stones, because it is an ideal frame for them. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tourmalines, amethysts, turquoises set in yellow gold look really luxury and great. But for transparent diamonds white gold is better. It will emphasize their whiteness and delightful shining.

Some people also take gold designer Cartier Jewellery as talisman. It is believed that gold is especially good for businessmen, chemists, designers, program developers and builders. In Chinese culture gold is associated with active men's "Jan" energy. In the East gold was used to heal chronic fatigue and depressions. Maybe, that's why it was though ideal for older people cartier pearl necklace.

Silver is also extremely popular precious metal. It is known since ancient time and was always highly valued by people of all cultures. Today gold is more expensive than silver, but there is also a lot of luxury silver Cartier Jewellery with precious stones. White silver shining ideally passes to the gemstones. Amber, agate, Morion, tourmaline, jade, moonstone and many others are made used in silver Cartier Jewellery. Silver designer Cartier Jewellery with amethysts, pearls and opals also looks great and luxurious. In astrology silver is often associated with moon. Since the earliest times many amulets were made form silver. IN the East silver is connected with feminine passive "In" energy. Today vintage silver Cartier Jewellery is extremely popular cartier panther necklace.

On the whole both gold and silver designer Cartier Jewellery is top fashion and attractive and it's better to choose it accordingly to your individual style and taste cartier heart necklace.

WOW Gold

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